Green Terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring is an excellent choice in LEED certified/Green building construction which has been on the rise in the construction industry in recent years. Terrazzo flooring encompasses every evaluation of the “Green Movement” which include; longevity of material, composition, maintenance, and recycled content.       Terrazzo flooring is an extremely long-lasting flooring system that will typically outlast the life on the building if proper maintenance and care is performed.  In addition, maintenance costs are significantly less with terrazzo versus more traditional flooring types.     Almost every element of Terrazzo flooring uses only Low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which is important to improving indoor air quality.     Terrazzo has the capabilities of using many different kinds recycled glass aggregates which aids in GREEN buildings and it can also make for a very sharp looking floor.     Finally,  many materials can manufactured/quarried within 500 miles of the construction site. Recent News!     Recycled concrete and porcelain crushed aggregate can be used in your terrazzo floor and qualify for LEED certified points!

For more information on LEED/Green building construction with the use of terrazzo flooring please visit the following links. Terrazzo and Marble Supply Co.,  - NTMA (National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association) - 

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